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Terms and Conditions

Use of the Vehicle
The vehicle will be delivered in good general condition (mechanical, exterior and clean) with the necessary documentation, tools and accessories and all the tyres including the spare tyre in good condition.

Important – Please take care to return the vehicle in the same condition as it was collected in. A minimum charge of €50 will be applied if the returned car requires extra cleaning. We reserve the right to pass on all additional cleaning costs if they exceed €50.

1.1 The following applies to all rentals:

1.1.1 Only those named on the rental agreement have permission to drive the vehicle.

1.1.2 It is not permitted to use the vehicle to transport goods.

1.1.3 It is not permitted to use the vehicle to tow or push other vehicles.

1.1.4 It is not permitted to use the vehicle to participate in races, competitions or challenges.

1.1.5 It is not permitted to use the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

1.1.6 It is not permitted to use the vehicle to transport more passengers than the laws for the type of car hired or using it for the paid transportation of persons.

1.1.7 The vehicle may only be driven on the Iberian Peninsula unless the Lessor has given express permission to use the vehicle elsewhere, which will require financial cover at the rates the hirer has been informed of.

1.2 It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that they have the appropriate driving license.

1.3 Also forbidden in general is any negligent behavior or behavior which contravenes the law and/or traffic regulations.

1.4 Breach by the hirer of these obligations shall involve the termination of this agreement and any deposits and down payments shall be to the benefit of the Lessor, without prejudice to compensate for loss and prejudicial damage or loss of profit.

Return of the Vehicle

2.1 The hirer shall return the rented vehicle to the place and on the date stipulated on their contract and undertakes to ensure that the vehicle, it’s equipment and tools are in perfect working order. Any modification must be previously authorized by the Lessor. Breach of this condition will authorize the Lessor to bring legal action for its return and where appropriate a claim for damages for the amount of each day’s delay in returning the vehicle after the termination date of the agreement according to the rate applied and the Lessor may also claim the expenses of recovering the vehicle outside the agreed term and any damage which may have been caused to it.

2.2 The Lessor is fully authorized to withdraw the vehicle from the hirer at any moment, provided that the period contracted for the rental has elapsed and the vehicle has not been returned.

2.3 Similarly the vehicle must be returned in the case of early termination of the contract due to breach.

2.4 Our fuel terms are always Full/Full regardless of the duration of hire period. If the car is not returned full, the hirer is responsible for the cost of refueling the car plus an administration fee of €25 (+IVA). The car must be refuelled with 10km of the Airport to which it is being returned.

Rental Charges

3.1 The hirer agrees to pay the Lessor including but not restricted to:

3.1.1 Charges for the rental of the vehicle, deposits, delivery and return, insurance, fuels and taxes on the rates in force.

3.1.2 The amount of repairs for damage caused to the vehicle in the event of an accident under the circumstances described in sections 1 & 5 of these general terms and conditions or if it is shown that the damage or breakdown are due to manifest lack of skill or poor treatment of the vehicle by the hirer and/or driver authorized under the agreement.

3.1.3 Traffic fines and expenses due to infringements of the Highway Code in force. (There is a €25 (+IVA) Admin Fee for all Traffic Fines)

3.1.4 The cost of any missing tool, tyre or other accessories for the rented vehicle and any extraordinary cleaning of the vehicle.

3.1.5 Downtime days for the vehicle due to accident, breakdown or retention of the same by Public Bodies or any event stemming from behavior by the customer which violates the provisions of this present agreement according to the rate for the type of vehicle rented.

Insurance, Liability and Accidents

4.1 The Lessor will not be held liable for any sanctions, fines or legal disputes incurred by the hirer and/or authorized drivers or any subsequent legal expenses. The Lessor is exempt from any liability arising out of the accident, even if due to breakage of mechanical parts.

4.2 Only the drivers expressly accepted by the Lessor are insured and covered by obligatory insurance.

4.3 The hirers 3rd party liability in relation to damage to the rented vehicle is totally covered in the case of fire and theft and limited in the case of an accident to excess coverage of €1500 or €1800 for Opel Zafira / Compact cars. The hirer is exempted from his liability on payment of the corresponding premium according to the current rate for the type of vehicle rented.

Please note that for only €5 per day (Min €35), you can reduce the excess liability to zero. The excess waiver payment covers one incident per hire period. Please note that using wrong fuel cannot be covered.

The excess of €1500 or €1800 (Plus IVA) is in relation to damage to the car only. It does not cover our costs incurred in replacing the damaged car with an alternative vehicle (if available).

In all cases there will be an administration fee of €25 (Plus IVA).

Delivery of an alternative vehicle will incur a charge of €150 if delivered anywhere other than at Alicante, Murcia, Almeria Airports.

All costs, including the excess are subject to IVA.

4.4 In the event of accident, theft or fire, even partial, the hirer undertakes , under pain of losing the insurance entitlements to:

4.4.1 – Notify the Lessor within 24 hours after the event has occurred.

4.4.2 Obtain the details of the other party and any witnesses, filling in a report which the hirer will send to the Lessor within 48 hours of the accident, noting the circumstances, place, date & time of the incident.

4.4.3 Immediately notify the authorities if the other party’s blame must be investigated or if there are injured persons. And also notify by reporting to the police any offense committed in relation to the vehicle.

4.4.4 Not acknowledge or pre-judge liability for the event.

4.4.5 Not abandon the rented vehicle without taking the necessary measures to make it secure. If the hirer does not stay with the vehicle any costs incurred will be their responsibility.

4.4.6 In the event of an accident, if the excess waiver has not been taken, the Lessor will not be responsible for transportation to your destination. The Lessor will also not be responsible for any costs in respect of missed flights.

Events not covered by insurance by way of example but not limited to:

5.5.1 Accidents due to the influence of alcohol or drugs. If it is proven that the driver, at the time of the accident, was over the legal level of alcohol, we reserve the right to claim all costs in relation to the repairs to the car & also loss of business due to the car being unavailable for hire.

5.5.2 Drivers who are not in possession of a driving license.

5.5.3 Glass damage (total or partial) damage or loss of wheel hubs, damage to tyres and punctures, and clutch damage unless the corresponding insurance has been taken out.

5.5.4 Damage to the vehicle due to uneven surfaces or poor condition of the road or damage caused by driving along unmade roads. Normally tyre damage is caused because the car has been taken off-road. Our cars cannot be used off-road.

5.5.5 Damage caused while driving the vehicle after the agreement has expired.

5.5.6 Damage caused by objects transported inside the vehicle.

5.5.7 Damage caused to the underside of the vehicle.

5.5.8 The cost of obtaining a duplicate and/or sending a set of keys for the vehicle to the corresponding office or address or any other situation in which the vehicle remains unavailable for rental for motives attributable to the hirer. Replacement of lost keys is not included. If you are unfortunate enough to lose your car keys during the car rental period you will be charged €200 to cover replacement. Please take care of the car keys while they are with you.

5.5.9 Errors in fuelling the vehicle and the costs of repairing the vehicle and transfer of persons due to this type of incident. Fuel used during the rental is not included in the price. Vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel at the airport pick up and should be returned full at the airport drop off.

Not included in the rental cost is the charge which will apply, if the incorrect fuel is put in the car. This cost varies but is usually approximately €350.

5.5.10 Loss or theft of equipment from the vehicle, including but not limited to: the radio, rear shelf, hubcaps.

5.5.11 In general any loss event caused by contravention of the provisions in this agreement or in law or by fault, willful misconduct or negligence.

The Lessor shall not be held liable for accident or loss to properties caused by the rental vehicle if the hirer has deliberately supplied the Lessor with inaccurate information on the hirers identity, address or driving license validity.

Governing Law

Any dispute which may arise between the hirer and the Lessor over the performance of this present agreement, our preferred option, although not restricted to, will be that the case is submitted to the Courts and Tribunals in Vera, Almeria, Spain.

Additional Drivers – The Main Driver plus one additional Driver are included in the price quoted, subject to meeting minimum age requirements. Any further Drivers will be charged at a rate of €8 per day (Max €100) subject to meeting minimum age requirements.

Drivers under 25 years – Due to restrictions within our Insurance Policy, we cannot currently accept drivers under the age of 25 Years.

Drivers aged 80 years or older – There are no restrictions to drivers aged 80 years or above.

Child and Booster Seats – We understand that your child’s comfort and safety whilst on holiday is of paramount importance to you. We are able to supply Child and Booster seats at a charge of €5 per day (max. €60 per seat per rental).

CHILD SEATS are suitable for young children from 1 to 3 years. Meanwhile BOOSTER SEATS are normally suitable for children older than 3 years. Please note child seats are never “pre-installed” for security reasons; they must be fitted by the parent or guardian prior to the start of the rental.

One Way Drop Offs available at a supplement of €80.

Deliveries and Collections

Collections and deliveries are Free of charge. If your flight is diverted and we have to collect you from an alternative airport there will be an additional fee of €150.00

If you wish to extend the rental contract please contact us at info@alandaluscarhire.com

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